Madison County Treasurer

County Treasurer imag001Stacey McKenzie, Madison County Treasurer
Abby Sanders, Deputy Treasurer
Jessica Roby, Deputy Treasurer

1 N. Main Street  P.O. Box 675  London, Ohio 43140 - 0675
Phone: (740) 852-1936
Toll Free: (877) 454-3309
Fax: (740) 845 -1775

Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday 
(Closed on Federal Holidays)

Duties of the County Treasurer
*Annual general fund budget of $233,000.00
*3 Full Time Employees
*Collect over $50 million in real estate taxes and $110,000.00 in mobile home taxes.

On the average, 70% of these revenues go to the local schools.

*Chief Investment Officer for the County’s $25 million portfolio. Three goals are enforced through our Investment Policy: Safety, Liquidity and yield.

*Cash Manager, maintain and balancing tax payment records on more than 22,000+ parcels and all monies collected by other departments.

*Balance all funds (160+) daily with the County Auditor.

*Redeems warrants issued by the County Auditor.

1st half due date for real estate 2/12/2021
2nd half due date for real estate 6/21/2021
1st half due date for Mobile Homes 3/1/2021
2nd half d due date for Mobile Homes 8/3/2021

$13.00 fee for returned checks.