Juvenile Court Clerk's Office

Megan Douglas, Court Administrator

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Legal Advice v Legal Information

Court staff may not give legal advice. You may have questions that court staff are not permitted to answer. They can usually tell you how to do things, but may not advise you about what you ought to do.

Court Staff May Not:

       x    Provide you with legal research

       x    Tell you what to file or what to put on forms
       x    Tell you what to say in court
       x    Give an opinion about how a judge is likely to decide your case
       x    Give you information they wouldn’t give the opposing party
       x    Tell you about a judge’s decision before it is issued by the judge

Court Staff May:  

  • Answer questions about how the court works
  • Explain terms used in the court process
  • Give you information from your case file
  • Provide you with court forms

Please be courteous to staff and respect the limits on what they are able to do for you.