Juvenile Court Forms

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Custody4 documents

  • Petition for Emergency Custody (new case)
  • Motion for Emergency Custody (pre-existing case)
  • Petition for Custody (new case)
  • Motion for Custody (pre-existing case)

Visitation3 documents

  • Petition for Visitation (new case)
  • Motion for Visitation (pre-existing case)
  • Motion to Modify/Terminate Visitation

Contempt1 document

  • Motion for Contempt (pre-existing case)

Child Support1 document

  • Motion to Modify/Terminate Child Support

Shared Parenting3 documents

  • Motion for Shared Parenting-Parties in Agreement
  • Motion for Shared Parenting-Parties Not in Agreement
  • Motion to Modify Shared Parenting Agreement

Paternity1 document

  • Petition to Establish Paternity

Grandparent Power of Attorney2 documents

  • Grandparent Power of Attorney
  • Caretaker Authorization Affidavit

Civil Protection Order1 document

  • Petition for Juvenile Civil Protection Order
    This CPO would be filed against a juvenile. If you're requesting an emergency order, be prepared to wait for a same day hearing.

Waiver of Service of Motion/Petition1 document

  • Waiver of Service of Summons

Miscellaneous Requests5 documents

  • Motion for Continuance
  • Change of Address
  • Record Request
  • Financial Disclosure
  • Blank Motion
    This motion is for miscellaneous requests that do not have a motion already available.

Traffic1 document

  • Request for Driving Privileges