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One Columbus Snapshot: Madison County

In Madison County, Ohio, residents and businesses have access to a range of utilities essential for daily life and operations. Here is a list of utilities commonly available in the area:

  1. Electricity: Provided by utility companies such as American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio and First Energy/Ohio Edison.

  2. Natural Gas: Supplied by companies like Columbia Gas of Ohio, and Madison Energy.

  3. Water and Sewer: Municipalities typically provide water and sewer services to residents and businesses within their jurisdiction.  Madison County, Plain City and the City of London have all joined the Mid-Ohio Water and Sewer District, which provides water and sewer services to their communities.

  4. Internet and Phone: Various providers offer internet, phone, and cable television services, including national companies like Spectrum, AT&T, and local providers.

It's essential for residents and businesses to contact specific utility providers in their area for service availability, rates, and any additional information or requirements.