Park District

The Park Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 9:30 a.m. at the Commissioners' Office in the County Courthouse, 1 N. Main Street, London, Ohio (except on holidays). Please call 740-845-1667 or email for more information.

Park Rules

The Board of Park Commissioners are Dr. Tony Xenikis, Mark Forrest and Chris Wallace.

The Park Board is supported by the Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails. Please visit their website to learn more about this vital organization and for in depth information on the parks and trails in Madison County.

Madison County Park District's Mission

Enabling Legislation

The Madison County Park District was established in accordance with legislation adopted by the General Assembly in 1917. The enabling legislation for the Park District is found in the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 1545. Section 1545.11 states "The Board of Park Commissioners may acquire land either within or without the Park District for conversion into forest reserves and for the conservation of the natural resources of the state, including, streams, lakes, submerged land and swamp lands, and to those ends may create parks, parkways, forest reservations and other reservations and forests, develop, protect and promote the use of the same in such manner as the board deems conducive to the general welfare."


The purpose of the Madison County Park District is to preserve and protect unique natural habitats and historical landmarks for Madison County residents through acquisition, easements, and leases. The Park District works with local governments, park districts, private organizations and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to ensure the best assets of our natural environment are protected for future generations.

While other park agencies in our county are dedicated to providing facilities for active recreation, the Park District is committed to protecting natural areas for the benefit of the public. It is our goal to manage these lands in such a way that people can make wise use of them without disturbing their unique qualities. The Park District plays an important role in meeting the open space recreational needs of our county through dedication to passive recreation.

Madison County Parks are generally of the forest preserve type, emphasizing careful preservation of natural features, woodlands, wet woods, prairie areas, meadows, wetlands, riparian corridors, lakes and streams, geological features, wildlife, and linear corridors. The Park District will develop a land stewardship program to maintain, preserve and protect these habitats, insuring that this natural diversity will be available for future generations to study and enjoy.

Based on this philosophy, these parks do not provide for intensive types of recreation, such as team sports, swimming pools, etc. It is felt that these activities should not be the responsibility of the natural area parks, but rather of the municipal or neighborhood parks. In accordance with this philosophy, recreational facilities in the Park District are limited to open-space activities of a low-density, low-impact character, such as picnicking, hiking, fishing and bicycling.


To acquire natural area parks and provide passive recreational opportunities to the public.

To establish and implement a land acquisition plan which will ensure that the ever growing needs of the citizenry and future generations are met.

To ensure that the Park District is providing a high quality educational experience for the public.

To create a better understanding of the Park District and the role it plays in enhancing the quality of life.

To enhance the overall image of the Park District in the county.