Public Opinion Survey - Madison County Fairgrounds Grandstand

Repair of Grandstand

In April of 2019, the Madison County Commissioners hired NRC Engineering to inspect the Fairground Grandstand over safety concerns. The following was found. The Grandstand is a vintage all-wood structure which may date to the 1870’s. It is constructed of oak structural members in a pole barn style with oak pins. Much of the perimeter wood is in an advanced state of deterioration, however, the interior structural supports are in remarkably excellent shape. NRC Engineering reported that the structure was unsafe for occupancy until significant repairs could be made.

In June of 2019, NRC Engineering and Jim Brucker & Associate Architecture were hired by the Madison County Commissioners to evaluate and prioritize the Grandstands for repairs. Included in this evaluation were estimated cost. They are as follows.

 1st Priority

 Structural   fixes – $45,000
 Roof and   trusses – $368,000

 Total - $413,000

 2nd Priority

 Bleachers repair   - $10,400
 ADA compliance   - $25,000
 Utilities -   $20,000

 Total - $55,400

 Contingency - $50,000

 Project total - $518,400

Replacement of Grandstand

The Madison County Commissioners are also exploring demolition of the existing Grandstand and replacing it with a conventional bleacher system. The estimated cost are as follows.

 Demolition of Grandstands - $35,000
 Blacktop - $35,000
 Installation of 1,500 person capacity  bleachers - $165,000

 Utilities - $15,000
 Security fence - $8,750

 Contingency - $12,000

 Total:  $270,750

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