Madison County Family & Children First Council ~ Members

Meet the FCFC Executive Committee! 
Madison County Family and Children First Council Advisory Board is the executive committee of 'Full' Council and is established according to ORC 121.37 

Executive Committee Members                                                                

July 1, 2019- June 30, 2020

David H   David Hunter- County Commissioner     
Greta H   Greta Mayer- Mental Health and Recovery Board of CGM           
Lou K   Lou Kramer- Superintendent, Largest School District (London)       
Nancy F   Nancy Florea- Operations Manager,  Miami Valley Child Development Center, Inc                    
Dr. Dan Kaffenbarger   Dan Kaffenbarger- Superintendent, Educational Services Commission   

smiley-square-face_318-56544 - Copy Lori Dodge Dorsey- Director,  Job and Family Services
Wanetta D   Wanetta Dunsten- Director, Bridges Community Action  *non mandated member 
Chris C   Chris Cook- Commissioner, County Public Health 
Susan T   Susan Thompson- Superintendent, Board of Dev Disabilities         
smiley-square-face_318-56544 - Copy Kerry Pedraza- Director, United Way                     
Kelly R   Kelly Rigger- CEO, Mental Health, Inc*non mandated member           
Laura E   Laura Eldridge- Parent Representative       
Brenda H  Brenda Higgins- Parent Representative         
Amanda H  Mandy Hochstetler- Parent Representative         
smiley-square-face_318-56544 - Copy Kyle Dickenson- Department of Youth Services   
smiley-square-face_318-56544 - Copy Alyssa Edley- Juvenile Court Designee   

Pat C   Pat Closser- Mayor of Largest Municipal Area

Amanda M   Amanda Morgan- Early Intervention Supervisor

Frances NFrances Nicol- OSU Extension Educator *non mandated member


 Jenn C FCFC 2019  Jenn Coleman- FCFC Executive Director


To learn more about how a county family and children first council established visit the Ohio Family and Children First Website!