Family & Children First Council- Shared Plan

FCFC Shared Plan Model (HB 289)
Effective 2016, the H.B. 289 planning process, the Shared Plan Model, has been updated and revised to include components of the Collective Impact Model.  This updated version of the Shared Plan Model places greater emphasis on identifying and developing community-level, mutually reinforcing activities around identified shared priorities and shared outcomes.  The revised model includes researching community data-informed plans, but also provides the flexibility to identify other shared priorities by other means such as data collection or a community needs assessment process.  

County FCFC (FCFCs) have been required in statute since 1993 to develop and implement a process that annually evaluates and prioritizes services, fills service gaps where possible, and invents new approaches to achieve better results for families and children.

In 2006, statutory changes through the passage of House Bill 289 (HB 289) elevated this requirement and increased accountability by requiring county FCFCs to establish a process to identify local priorities, monitor progress of meeting these local priorities with indicators established by the FCFCs, and develop an annual plan that identifies the local inter-agency efforts to enhance child well-being in the county. County FCFCs are also required to demonstrate progress of increasing child well-being by reporting annually to the OFCF Cabinet Council and the county commissioners.

FCFCs completed a comprehensive planning process that resulted in the submission of their first HB 289 plan in July of 2007. In the years 2008 through 2010, FCFCs tracked their progress on achieving desired results and annually submitted a HB 289 plan and report update.

In 2010-2011, OFCF in partnership with The Ohio State University’s Center for Learning Excellence, created the Shared Plan Model.  In the years 2011-2016, FCFCs tracked indicators that measured the progress on achieving shared priorities and shared outcomes and annually submitted a plan update.