Madison County Children's Services is currently accepting home studies. Home studies may be faxed to Barb Otto at 740-852-9020, emailed to , or mailed to Barb's attention at: Madison County DJFS 200 Midway Street London, Ohio 43140. Barb may be reached at 740-852-6046. 



Let me introduce you to Elizza! Elizza is a young teen who hopes to find an adoptive home soon. Elizza has a beautiful singing voice and she loves music. Elizza also loves animals – especially horses. She would love to live on a farm to be around animals. Elizza has a wonderful sense of humor and she can be a lot of fun to be around.
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Elizza has experienced a difficult past of disappointment, neglect, and abuse. She is in need of a permanent family to help make new memories to replace some of the unhappy ones of her past. Elizza requires a lot of parental supervision and support to maintain positive behaviors and she would benefit from a highly structured, yet active home. Although Elizza has recently made good strides academically, she would benefit from parents who can be strong academic advocates for her. She may also need additional help from parents with school work. Elizza may likely struggle building strong and trusting attachments to adults. She will need parents who are very committed for the long term to help her bond and adjust, as well as parents who will help facilitate her current mental health treatment. Elizza also has 7 siblings and 2 half siblings that she would like to remain in contact with so she will need parents willing to help maintain these relationships. 


Let me introduce you to Ally.  She loves reading, crafting, listening to music, going for walks and talking.  She has strong verbal skills and many other positive personality traits.  She loves to do many things and enjoys many things.  Ally wants a family to be there for her and needs someone to cheer her on!  She reports that she is comfortable with traditional and non-traditional families - single parents or couples.  She is very open to different types of family situations.

Ally is a teen who really wants to have a positive future, but she is in need of a special, permanent family that will accept her past and help her to make good decisions in the future.  She also needs a family to help her make new memories to replace some of her unhappy ones.  Additionally, she needs a family willing to help her transition into adulthood.  Ally wants someone she can depend on and she can trust.  Ally needs structure and activity.  She is a strong advocate for herself.  Ally is a smart young lady who was accepted to attend college classes as a junior.     


Layla is a 15- year old who is in search of her adoptive home.  Layla is an intelligent young lady who enjoys music, dancing, and movies.  She is fashionable, enjoys shopping, make up, and doing her hair.  She enjoys being around people and loves conversation with her family.
Layla has been an honor roll student and wants to go to college.  She has a desire to explore becoming a nurse.  She has been a positive role model to her younger brother.  She is nurturing, kind, sincere and loving.