Child Care


Helping to pay for child care is one of the many supportive services provided by the Madison County Department of Job and Family Services (MCDJFS).
If a parent or caretaker is working, attending school or taking part in vocational training, the family may qualify for a child care subsidy. Child Care payments are made to either licensed or certified child care providers. Often families can continue to use the same (licensed) provider and payments will begin once eligibility is determined.


Parents requesting help paying for child care should call a child care eligibility specialist to discuss the program or schedule an appointment. Requirements are: parents must be employed or participating in a work, training, or educational activity.
Eligibility is based on the family size and gross monthly income. Verification of income and training is required (i.e. check stubs, school schedule, etc)

You may access the Child Care Benefits Application form by clicking one of the links below.

Child Care Benefits Application Form – English version

Child Care Benefits Application Form – Spanish version

Submit the completed application with verification of your income, employment, and/or school schedule, and proof of child(rens) citizenship by one of the following methods:

  • email:
  • fax:  740-852-4756
  • mail to or drop off:  200 Midway Street, London, Ohio 43140


1. Subsidized Family Child Care (Type B):
Care is provided by a single provider for up to six children in her home.

2. Subsidized Center Based Child Care (Type A or Type C):
Care is provided for larger groups of children in a center setting. Children are separated by age and staff is assigned to care for a group.

If determined eligible to receive assistance, families will be required to pay for part of the care, called a co-payment. Parents will be given a list of licensed child care providers, and will be directed to the Action for Children of Madison County *.   Providers are also listed at OhioMeansJobs Madison County.


Persons interested in licensure to provide child care services for families receiving publicly funded child care benefits should contact Tammy Corlette, 740-852-6042.

*Action For Children of Madison County - 740-852-0975, ext. 15 for parenting tips, resources for your child's specific need, or professional development.