COVID-19 Vaccine

Madison County Public Health (MCPH) is working on Coronavirus (COVID-19) response every single day.  We are proud to be your source for reliable information on COVID-19 right here in Madison County.
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25,024 23,685 12,096 1,243
Madison County
Residents Receiving
at Least 1 Dose
Madison County
Fully Vaccinated
Madison County
Residents Receiving
a Third or Booster Dose
Madison County
Residents Receiving
a Second Booster Dose

56% 53% 63%
Madison County
Population Receiving
at Least 1 Dose
 Madison County Population Fully Vaccinated
Statewide (Ohio) Population Receiving
at Least 1 Dose
 Statewide (Ohio) Population Fully Vaccinated

  Data as of 5/16/2022
Updated weekly

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