Employee of the Month

Madison County Public Health (MCPH) values the hard work and dedication of its employees. MCPH is committed to providing an affirmative working environment for all employees. Positive recognition is an important part of creating this environment. Each month one employee is recognized for outstanding service to a customer (or even to a co-worker) in the performance of their duties or for appreciation of attitude, dedication, and hard work.

Recommendations for “Employee of the Month” should be for service that goes above and beyond the normally-expected excellent service that MCPH staff provide to the public and to each other. Service that highlights the mission, vision, or core commitments of MCPH is particularly worthy of recognition:

Mission: We are committed to monitoring and responding to our community's health and wellness needs through innovative services, education, collaboration and compassionate care.

Vision: Champion the enhancement of community health and wellness.

Core Commitments: Deliver excellent customer service, Respect and care about people, Create positive change, Be fiscally responsible, and Do the right thing.

The public is welcome to nominate an employee for this special recognition.  You can do this by emailing or calling Health Commissioner Erin Fawley at 740-852-3065 or efawley@madisonpublichealth.org.  Be sure to tell us a little bit about why you are nominating this person!

We will be back soon with our Employee of the Month Recognition!

Our COVID-19 response is taking all of our time right now.  Check back in the future!