Lactation Support

Ohio Workplace Toolkit
Ohio Lactation Consultant Association
Lactation accommodations at work are vital to an infant being provided human milk. Federal law requires employers to provide adequate accommodations and break time for a lactating employee to express human milk while at work. Click here to access the Ohio Workplace Toolkit which provides resources for employers and employees who are returning to work and need to express human milk. Please call 740-852-3065 x1529 to speak with Lauren Robinson, Director of Maternal and Child Health, for additional information on the Ohio Workplace Toolkit, how to create a policy for expressing human milk at your facility, or other accommodation concerns.

Lactation Appointments and Support

Click here to schedule a lactation appointment with one of our 4 lactation certified staff or call 740-852-3068. To schedule a virtual breastfeeding class, please text 614-385-3632. For after-hours lactation support Ohio has a statewide 24/7 breastfeeding hotline, please call 1-888-588-3423. All services are free.

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