Generation RX
Generation Rx is offered through a partnership between the Cardinal Health Foundation and The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy.

Elementary - Prescription and over-the-counter medicines are typically accessible and visible in our homes, and children should understand prescription and over-the-counter medication safety at an early age. What follows is a collection of age-appropriate, engaging resources that educate children about medication safety principles, equipping them with a foundation for understanding how to use medicines safely before they enter their teen and adult years.

Middle/High School - It’s true that prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm—especially when misused.  While the majority of teens do not misuse prescription medications, these products remain the third most prevalent substance used amongst teens, behind marijuana and alcohol.  Young people often misuse prescription medications to manage their lives, with little understanding of the potential social, health, or legal consequences for doing so.  Moreover, research indicates the average age of first initiation falls during the early twenties, suggesting that many teens choosing not to misuse during high school remain vulnerable to misuse later in life.  As a result, now is the time to teach teens how to safely use medication.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a tool used to engage adults/parents/guardians with awareness, education and most importantly giving practical prevention methods to parents/guardians and other concerned adults.  Drug abuse trends, items hidden and hiding places are used as the “hook” to get adult’s attention.  The desired outcome is giving adults practical prevention methods they will use to help youth stay substance free.  Hidden in Plain Sight is meant for adults only.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a presentation that is paired with a display of a youth’s bedroom where a scavenger hunt is played to bring awareness to hiding places and trends amongst our youth.  This is an awesome way to inform parents/guardians and other concerned adults about local trends amongst our youth while also sharing state and national trends.

Ohio Healthy Youth Environments Survey (OHYES!) is a youth survey designed to measure the health risk behaviors and environmental factors that impact youth health and safety. The survey gathers information on issues like alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, unintentional and intentional injuries, physical health, activity and well-being, and related environmental risk and protective factors. 

  • To address the need for local data in youth behaviors and risk and protective factors.
  • To meet federal grant reporting requirements.
  • To provide an inexpensive survey to local communities.
  • To identify local needs and trends for planning.
  • Online survey (takes about 20 mins)
  • Voluntary
  • Administered by schools; grades 7-12 are eligible
  • 2 versions (111 or 101 items) available

Content areas:

  • Demographics
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco & Vapor Products
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Bullying
  • Safety and Violence
  • Physical Health & Well-being
  • Mental Health
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • School Climate and Safety
  • Gambling
  • Family and Peer Factors
  • School Success
  • Community Environment
  • Sexual Behavior and Suicide (Optional)