Volunteer with Madison County Public Health

Madison County Public Health is holding COVID-19 vaccination clinics every week at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center. 

Please sign up below if you would like to volunteer at a clinic! Typical vaccination clinics run for three hours. We ask that all workers and volunteers be there at least an hour before the start of the clinic and plan to stay until an hour after. Click or tap here for a brief description of the volunteer activities we have available. We need people for ALL positions!

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Volunteer Positions Available:

Area Assignment

Basic Responsibilities


Traffic control working in concert with Law Enforcement. Splitting and tracking cars between two entrances. Patient screening for eligibility. Maintaining wait list.

Lane Merge Traffic

Traffic control working to manage two lanes merging into a single lane. Keeping cars close together. Brief patient screening for eligibility.

Lane Split Traffic

Splitting single lane into two lanes. May be based on vaccine manufacturer or first/second dose. Keeping cars close together.


Talking with patients to make sure they are pre-registered and handling paperwork. Looking up records. Handling clipboards and papers. Highlighting first/second doses and correct manufacturer.

Data Entry

Accurately entering completed vaccination records into an IT system. Minimal typing - mostly clicking and selections from lists.


Administering vaccines to patients (must be licensed in the state of Ohio to do this). Providing vaccine records and second dose reminders. Brief counseling and patient education.

Vaccination Patient Information

Brief education for patients receiving vaccine.  Handing out papers to patients. Working directly with vaccinators.

Vaccination Traffic

Stopping every car after vaccination to ensure everyone who is eligible for vaccine got a vaccine. Directing to post-vaccination monitoring. Controlling traffic.


Checking on patients to ensure they are not in need of assistance. Providing and writing vaccination records. Calling for on-site EMS if needed.


Traffic control to ensure people enter the clinic using the correct route.  Admitting workers and volunteers into the clinic.