Who To Contact

Our main phone number is 740-852-3065. Call us Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  When you call this number during the day the following options will be available:

Press 2 to make appointments for shots or to obtain shot records.
Press 3 for flu shot information.
Press 4 for WIC.
Press 5 to obtain a birth or death record.
Press 6 for inspections, permits, and regulations.
Press 7 to reach a clerical staff member for all other services.

If you need to reach us outside of our normal hours or on the weekend, please call the Madison County Sheriff's Dispatch Center at 740-852-1332.


Chris Cook, MPH, RS
Health Commissioner
740-852-3065 x1523

Teresa Ames
Board of Health President

Jennifer Piccione
Board of Health President Pro Tempore

Directors' Team

Susan Young, RN
Director of Nursing
740-852-3065 x1526

Jennifer Michaelson, RS 
Director of Environmental Health
740-852-3065 x1517

Pat Lentz, MPH
Director of Emergency Preparedness
740-852-3065 x1525

Lauren Robinson
Director of WIC
740-852-3065 x1529

Bridget Lane
Fiscal Officer
740-852-3065 x1512

Susie Hyden 
Vital Statistics Registrar
740-852-3065 x1527