We CARE is a community coalition based in Madison County, Ohio.  We CARE was formed in 2018 when two community coalitions (with similar missions and many of the same volunteers) merged in an effort to accomplish more together.  Read all about that merger here.  Although the entire county is our target for outreach programs, we specifically try to reach those who are using drugs or other substances and those who are going through depression or have a need for help with their mental health.  In Madison County, we've decided to GO FAR by GOING TOGETHER.

Community Conversations (Fall 2021!)
Have you heard?  We CARE is coming to YOUR community this Fall!  We CARE is hosting four community conversations (Mount Sterling,  London, West Jefferson, and Plain City) centered around substance use prevention, suicide prevention, treatment, and recovery.  Join us and make your voice heard!  Click or tap here to read more about the conversations including locations and times.

We CARE Vision, Mission, and Strategies

Vision  {the dream}

Joining together to connect, accept, respond to, and empower all individuals to live free from the negative effects of substance use and mental illness.

Mission  {the what and why}
A community-focused initiative to reduce the effects of substance use, depression, and suicide.

Strategies  {the how}
1. Build coalition structure and promote community participation.
2. Encourage, educate, & support health choices to prevent substance abuse.
3. Create awareness of many pathways for recovery from substance misuse.
4. Recognize and understand depression, and decrease suicide.

We CARE Current Initiatives (click on each to explore more about them)

Past & Future - view the coalition's past work and plans for future initiatives

Drug Disposal Program - learn how to safely dispose of unwanted drugs at home.

Depression and Men - learn how depression is common among men and how to get help.

Prevention - learn about all of the programs that are available to schools and community groups.

Treatment and Recovery - learn about all of the resources right here in Madison County

Overdose Awareness - learn how the coalition is reducing stigma and bringing attention to the opioid pandemic

WeCARE By-Laws - last updated 2/29/2020

Need Help? Click here for available resources.

Want to get more info or get involved?
Whether you just want a little more info or want to start helping, we want to hear from you!  Please complete our short online form (should only take 60 seconds to complete) by CLICKING or TAPPING HERE.
There are many options to get involved with WeCARE. Full coalition meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at the Madison County EMA from 2-3pm. The coalition also has 4 committees that work on grass-roots level initiatives.

Current Coalition Leadership:

Coalition Chair: Erin Fawley (efawley@madisonpublichealth.org)

Mental Health Wellness Committee Chair: Kathryn Hitchcock (kathryn@namicgm.org)
Prevention Committee Chair: Amanda Hampton (amanda.hampton@madison.oh.gov)
Treatment & Recovery Committee Chair: Julie Harris (julie.harris@jfs.ohio.gov) & Donna Brown-Thompson (dbrownthompson@rockinghorsecenter.org)
Promotion Committee Chair: Jenn Coleman (jmcole2912@gmail.com)